PhD Student, MIT CSAIL
32 Vassar St, 32D-474
Cambridge, MA, 02139


I’m a PhD student at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. I work in the Medical Vision Group with Polina Golland.

My primary research interests are in machine learning, computer vision, and signal processing applied to medical data, especially medical image reconstruction and analysis.

Previously, I did my undergrad in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and did research internships at Google Brain/Health, IBM Research, and Draper.

I also started Blueprint and served as the president of MIT HKN.

Selected Projects

Joint Frequency- and Image-Space Learning for Fourier Imaging

A neural network layer that combines frequency- and image-space features for correcting artifacts in Fourier imaging.
Paper Code

Human & Model Explanations for Skin Condition Classification

A comparison between skin disease classification model explanations and human-identified regions of interest, in order to identify unintuitive classifications.
Paper Talk

Designing Biomimetic Prosthesis Controllers for Walking

Characterizing quadruped locomotion and developing a biomimetic controller for prosthesis-aided walking, yielding modeled gait parameters similar to biological values.
2nd Place Oral Presentation, EECSCon 2016.
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